Wool and Wellness

Wool and Wellness is our new campaign with British Wool to support farmers’ physical and mental health during the winter months.

The Wool and Wellness campaign encourages members of the public and the farming community to take up the challenge of knitting a hat using British wool, stitching in an FCN Helpline label (03000 111 999) – and then generously giving it to another person.

FCN and British Wool are encouraging people to share photos of the finished product on social media using the hashtag #WoolAndWellness.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health in farming, encouraging people to keep the FCN Helpline number close to our heads in case they need to talk to someone during the winter months, which can be cold, lonely and dreary. 

It also encourages people to support British farmers by using British wool and nurtures a sense of community and kindness amongst those taking part in the campaign.

Getting involved is simple, and we’ll soon be sharing details on where to pick up your FCN label and the pattern you’ll need to get knitting and supporting the farming community.

From Fleece to Fashion: a visual guide to using wool

Have you ever wondered how fleece from a sheep becomes yarn used for making clothing and other things? It’s quite an intricate process, and you can download a step-by-step visual guide below to see how it’s done:

Download flyers about getting involved or promoting the campaign below:

To help you, hat patterns are available in the .pdfs below:

Copyright Clare Johns 2022 all rights reserved.  

The Hat Pattern is created by Clare Johns for exclusive use with the #woolandwellness campaign and not for commercial gain.  

Clare is a Field To Fashion farmer and designer who created and donated this pattern for this campaign.   

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