Testimonials and supporting statements

Short films

Below you will find two powerful short films which feature farmers who have experienced mental ill-health and benefited from our work:

The Hill Farmer (sub) from Autumn Films on Vimeo.


FCN cannot wave a magic wand and solve every problem, but we can share the burden, we can listen and understand and we can try to provide and bring in appropriate help and support. Below is an example of a farmer we recently helped:

Here are some other real stories and quotes from people who have been helped by FCN (names have been changed and stories compiled from elements of real cases to maintain confidentiality):

“I have to say that your phone calls have been a great comfort to me. Talking therapy makes you feel sharing your problems, is a problem halved. It has helped me to share and not to bottle it up. I am a stronger person for having had your support.”

– Farmer, Yorkshire

“Over these past few years, FCN’s involvement and enormous empathy gave Mum a network of friendship and support, and a sense of ‘belonging’, which I know she had not felt before. It is also very true to say that, in being there, FCN has given me (as her only child – a very lonely place to be) a very welcome break from the responsibilities which I constantly feel for her happiness and safety. FCN’s support has absolutely exceeded expectations, and we could not have wished for better!”

Daughter, Somerset

FCN deserves a medal – my Angels in Gumboots arrived! After approaching FCN for help volunteers visited the farm. They were so kind, practical and helpful, giving me a clear direction of travel for how I can maintain the farm and prioritise what needs to be done next. I had been going from job to job and crisis to crisis – FCN’s proactive approach has allowed me to get things back on track and move forward in a positive way.  I am most grateful.”

Jennifer, Farmer, Dorset

“It is so good to have someone to talk to who understands and who I don’t owe money to and who doesn’t make me feel like it’s all my fault.”

Peter, Farmer, Yorkshire

“Before FCN visited John was showing signs of extreme stress. FCN’s sympathetic and practical attitude was just what he needed and now matters on the farm are much improved. I am most grateful for FCN’s input.”

Farm Vet, South Wales

“After my husband’s suicide FCN supported me and brought in further help from RABI and the Addington housing scheme. They are all brilliant and without them I would not be here”

Gill, Farmer’s wife, Devon

“FCN has been a great help and friend, giving knowledgeable and sympathetic support, and always taking the time to talk”

Jim and Sue, Farmers, Northumberland

“When suffering from stress the doctor sent me to a counsellor and I got nowhere. FCN have caused a breakthrough! We still have some problems with the farm business partnership but FCN have acted as a mediator and helped the situation with their impartiality and sensitivity”

David, Farmer, Suffolk

Case studies are a great way to help us promote the work that we do in the farming community. All FCN cases are treated confidentially, but we are always on the lookout for people who are willing to publicly share their story about being supported by FCN. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact Alex Phillimore on alex@fcn.org.uk

Supporting statements

The work of FCN is supported by many well-known individuals working within the agricultural sector. Below you can find some comments about FCN from organisations and individuals supportive of our work:

“There are so many people who need a little bit of help – a conversation, being asked how they’re feeling and if they’re doing OK. If there are support networks out there, such as FCN, it can make a real difference. FCN is a great organisation; an outlet for support, encouraging people to talk about their experiences. I feel very connected to their work” – Julian Norton, The Yorkshire Vet

“Farming is both a rewarding and challenging profession. For when things get difficult and you need some help, or you need someone to talk to and provide a sympathetic ear, The Farming Community Network is there to support you. Their volunteers are farming people and they are here to help.” Amanda Owen, The Yorkshire Shepherdess

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