Meet our FCN Ambassadors

“I’m delighted to be an ambassador for FCN. It is such a great organisation which covers such a wide range of issues in these uncertain times. I’m especially interested in the work they do around mental health and hope that my involvement will help to further break the stigma and make the world a better and brighter place for those that are struggling”

– Charles Anyan, farmer and mental health advocate

“I support The Farming Community Network because I believe strongly that farmers have always been under constant pressure ranging from agricultural policies and climate change to producing affordable food in an environmentally friendly way. I am proud to be an ambassador to help raise awareness of the support FCN provides in all aspects of farming life.”

– Gareth Wyn Jones, farmer and BBC presenter

“Several years ago The Farming Community Network provided vital support to someone in the farming community close to me. Consequently, after becoming familiar with their extraordinary outreach I wanted to raise awareness of their work, particularly amongst other professionals and those who might at some time become aware of folk in the farming community in need of their unique support. It is an honour to raise awareness of the charity, and I hope increase support too.”

– Tim Bowie, The Orcid Partnership

“FCN has long been a charity to which I have had an association. Back in the 1990s they helped to support my parents when the farming climate was tough. Again when Foot-and-Mouth hit they were a valuable asset to my family as there were many farming families who were directly affected. I founded Rural+ training when I was National Chairman of NFYFC and when looking for a partner to work with on the project I could think of none better than FCN. Since then I have been an advocate for FCN, having delivered many joint mental health sessions to rural young people across the UK. I am honoured to be an FCN Ambassador and want to continue to reach out to rural young people, raising awareness of FCN and the support they can offer as well as continuing to support the rollout of Rural+ and increase the support the charity receives.”

– Claire Worden, Former National Chairman of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs

“Having served as a Trustee for FCN, I have seen its work and reach at first-hand.  I am delighted to continue to offer my support and advocacy as an FCN Ambassador. Without farming and agriculture we would not be able to live, however the vital work of this sector is often overlooked or misrepresented.  Farmers have a crucial role to play in food production, and in caring for our environment.  In challenging times, FCN ensures that all who need support are helped by people who know and understand the contexts in which agriculture operates.  With mental health and farm safety an ongoing challenge for many, it is imperative that charities like FCN are able to thrive, evolve and respond to need.  It is a great honour to be able to talk about the work of FCN whenever I can!”

Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon, former FCN Trustee

“I have been a supporter for FCN for a number of years with my mother also being involved as a volunteer in South Wales. I grew up on the family farm and have spend my working career either as a land agent or latterly with the NFU as a group secretary. The world is moving at a faster pace than ever and for many in farming the pressure and lack of support can be all consuming. FCN provide support to a whole spectrum of people regardless of acres or income. Christian values are at the heart of what the charity stands for and I am constantly impressed by the passion of both volunteers and staff. As an FCN Ambassador I try to use my contacts and exposure to highlight the charity and help it reach more people in need of support.”

James Prewett, NFU

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