Meet our FCN Ambassadors

“I’m delighted to be an ambassador for FCN. It is such a great organisation which covers such a wide range of issues in these uncertain times. I’m especially interested in the work they do around mental health and hope that my involvement will help to further break the stigma and make the world a better and brighter place for those that are struggling”

– Charles Anyan, farmer and mental health advocate

“I support The Farming Community Network because I believe strongly that farmers have always been under constant pressure ranging from agricultural policies and climate change to producing affordable food in an environmentally friendly way. I am proud to be an ambassador to help raise awareness of the support FCN provides in all aspects farming life.”

– Gareth Wyn Jones, farmer and BBC presenter

“Several years ago The Farming Community Network provided vital support to someone in the farming community close to me. Consequently, after becoming familiar with their extraordinary outreach I wanted to raise awareness of their work, particularly amongst other professionals and those who might at some time become aware of folk in the farming community in need of their unique support. It is an honour to raise awareness of the charity, and I hope increase support too.”

– Tim Bowie, The Orcid Partnership

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