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I need help with:

  • Animal health
  • Animal welfare
  • EID/BCMS & Animal passports
  • Arable Farming

How FCN can help with farm issues:

Animal health

For farmers, their livestock is not only a basis for business, it is their life. It is also a matter of pride in the quality of the animals and the manner in which they are kept and reared. Health problems among the stock are not only a threat to the business but can also be difficult to address from a personal point of view. Dealing with these problems can be easier with support from someone who understands the difficulties that arise.

Animal welfare

Despite the best of intentions, the care of stock can be affected by having to deal with other problems and difficulties. When outsiders become involved it is only natural to become defensive and even to deny that the problem exists; the fact is that, if something isn’t right, it needs to be addressed. In instances affecting animal welfare, a volunteer from FCN can support you as you get things back to where they should be; there is no reason for you to deal with animal welfare problems on your own.

EID/BCMS & Animal passports

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about, keeping up with all the regulations and the paper work is a challenge in itself. Sometimes circumstances crop up which prevent the paperwork from being completed and it’s tempting to think it can be put off till later when there is more time. Eventually, the task grows to the point where it gets out of hand and even knowing where to start is a problem in itself. Having someone by your side can make all the difference to tackling the immediate problem and ensuring that it doesn’t recur.

Arable Farmings

It’s not just livestock farmers who face problems. We know that arable farmers are constantly at the mercy of the climate and drought, floods, frosts, and disease can suddenly wreak havoc with crops and the land, seriously affecting income and the ability to keep finances under control. These are common issues and talking them through and working out a plan of action can help alleviate the concern.


Are any of these things worrying you or someone you know in farming? Maybe there are other problems not mentioned here which you need to talk to someone about.

Please call our Helpline 03000 111 999 – we may be able to help.

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