From cake sales to long-distance treks, organising your own fundraising event is not only an amazing way to raise money for FCN, but it can also be very rewarding and great fun for you, your friends and your family.

Our head office team are on hand to help you with anything you need for your fundraising event. There are so many things you can do:

Individual / Team

Take on a challenge
Alone or as a team, on foot, on wheels, on water or over mountains. Whatever your efforts, you will be supporting your farming community.

Charity Auction
Get local businesses to donate some amazing prizes and stage a charity auction.

Quiz Night
Get your friends and family involved, find a venue, pick a theme and let the fun begin!

Cake sale / tea party
Show off your kitchen skills or enlist friends and family for an afternoon of treats.

Churches & faith groups

Use your harvest festival to raise money for FCN. Organise a supper and bring everyone together to celebrate harvest.

Take a long walk through the beautiful British countryside. Support your farming community by organising a Rogation Ramble.

Plough Sunday
Arrange for a vintage plough to be present at your Plough Sunday celebrations and help support farmers for the year ahead.

Celebrate the ripening of the first fruits by organising a collection for the work of our volunteers.

To discuss your fundraising ideas and for further support, please contact or call 01788 510866.

Collection tins & buckets

Placing counter collection boxes on behalf of FCN not only provides our charity with a valuable stream of income, but also an opportunity to raise awareness of our organisation and the work we do within the farming community. 

If you are a church or local business and would like to display a collection tin or bucket, please contact the FCN head office on 01788 510866, or email

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