Planning for the future can be a daunting process, especially in farming where we are experiencing so much change. The internet has opened up a wealth of information, but for those who are not ‘computer savvy’ or who work alone, it can be difficult trying to ‘sort the wood from the trees’.

Information overload can be a real problem these days. FCN’s FarmWell initiative can help.

The most useful information to help keep your business, and yourself, resilient through changing times and plan positively for the future.

FCN FarmWell is an online facility, free to use, which can help with:

Keeping your business resilient through change
Provide links to the most useful and user-friendly information sources across all farm business areas, where you can find the facts to help plan successfully and efficiently.

Helping you, your family and your staff to stay resilient through change
Interesting articles, tips and programmes for keeping fit and healthy.

Support and help if you need it
Guidance on how you can access additional support and mentoring, both from a business and personal perspective, should the need arise.

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