• Over one hundred farmers have shared what they enjoy most about farming as part of a survey circulated in advance of LAMMA 2024 (17-18 January)
  • Being close to nature, making a positive impact and a feeling of success and achievement among key reasons given
  • Farmers have also shared advice to new entrants – including taking safety seriously, spending time with family, sharing how they’re feeling, and knowing when to stop and rest
  • FCN will be chairing a panel debate at LAMMA 2024 on Thursday 18th January at 12noon, posing the question: “Is it time to change how we talk about mental health challenges in farming?”

More than one hundred farmers have shared what they enjoy most about their profession – from being outdoors and close to nature, to making a positive impact to the environment and their local communities.

These responses are part of a survey circulated in advance of LAMMA 2024 (17-18 January at Birmingham NEC) which has been conducted by national charity The Farming Community Network (FCN).

In answer to the question ‘What do you enjoy most about farming?’, responses included:

Being my own boss

Every day is a new adventure

Enjoyment of the varied lifestyle

Growing crops and rearing animals

Making a positive impact on nature

The diverse community

FCN is a voluntary organisation and charity that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in farming and provide support at times of difficulty and change. Each year FCN helps thousands of farmers and farming families with a wide variety of issues.

While recognising the pressures farmers are under, FCN is also keen to focus on the many positive things about working in agriculture and the career opportunities available in the industry.

Alex Phillimore, Head of Communications and Development at The Farming Community Network, said: “We are encouraged that so many have taken the opportunity to fill in our survey and to share their advice.

“Farmers are under immense pressure, but are some the most resilient and hard-working of people you can meet. We all rely on farmers 3 times a day, and we hope the comments farmers have shared as part of this survey will help to encourage positive conversations in our industry and beyond.

“It’s important to remind people that even when things are difficult in farming, we are still part of a supportive community that is doing vital work that benefits everyone.”   

The charity is also keen to highlight the many career opportunities available to new entrants and young people in the sector.

When the survey asked ‘What piece of encouragement or advice would you give to a new entrant or young person in farming?’ responses included:

Dream big! Work hard! And keep farming going – it has to get better

Always keep and think positive. Every year in farming is different

Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them

Work smart and take appropriate rest

Learn all you can about the vast amount of occupations in agriculture and horticulture

Walk with a purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

FCN will be part of the Health and Wellbeing Zone at this year’s LAMMA Show (Stand 9.730) and will be on-hand to talk and share more information about the support the charity can provide the farming community.

FCN will also be hosting a debate at LAMMA (Birmingham NEC) at 12noon on Thursday 18th January, where the charity will ask a panel of industry leaders: “Is it time to change how we talk about mental health challenges in farming?”. Details are below:


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