“My placement with FCN has been a great learning experience”

Mhairi (photographed below), an agricultural student from The Royal Agricultural University, has been working with the Farming Help charities as part of a full-time four month placement with the aim to learn more about working in the farming charity sector. Mhairi is this week finishing with FCN, and has written about her thoughts and reflections on the placement with the charity below.

Being on placement with FCN has been a great learning experience. I have got to grips with how the charity functions along with the importance it plays in the agricultural sector. It has also given me the opportunity to work with people in a more professional capacity and make strong industry connections. The tasks that I have been doing include carrying out research, constructing ideas and creating content for the FarmWell platform, which have allowed me to develop my research and writing skills. 

I have enjoyed all aspects of my placement with both Addington Fund and with FCN. The people I have worked with have all been so supportive and allowed me to use my creative side to develop ideas into content, along with pushing me to develop in areas that I am less confident in. I have particularly enjoyed creating content for the FarmWell platform, as I know that this will be helping people both internal to the organisation and in the wider audience. This brings me a great sense of satisfaction. 

This opportunity has shown me what a working future may be like, and the skills that I have learnt will be beneficial to my future career. The thorough understanding of the sort of help FCN and Addington Fund provide will be very helpful as background context for my dissertation this coming academic year, which is on the culture of the agriculture sector and how it impacts younger farmers (aged 18-35).

In conclusion, I have loved my placement and look forward to seeing what the charities achieve in the future. Whilst this placement has been a little bit of a learning curve, it has shown me that working in the agri-wellbeing sector is something that I want to explore and progress in the longer term.

Thank you to everyone at Addington Fund and FCN for allowing me to work with you for the past 4 months. I would also like to thank RAU and Chris Brough for his support and introducing me to these amazing charities.

Alex Phillimore, Head of Communications and Development at FCN, said: “Mhairi has been a joy to work with during her time with FCN. She is a conscientious individual and takes a proactive approach to her work, responding well to tasks set and also developing her own ideas and suggestions. We wish Mhairi the best of luck with her degree and her future work placements.”

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