Issued on behalf of the Farming Help charities (The Farming Community Network, Forage Aid, Addington Fund):

  • Farming Help is an alliance between three national farming support charities: The Farming Community Network, Addington Fund and Forage Aid
  • Event at House of Lords on Tuesday 7 June was welcomed by Lord Curry of Kirkharle
  • Attendees heard of the many ways the Farming Help charities are working together to ensure farmers have access to a wide range of support in the months and years to come
  • Reception shows solidarity with farmers and people in rural communities in Ukraine affected by war, which has impacted supply chains and production globally
From L to R: Bill Young, Jude McCann, Andrew Ward

National charities The Farming Community Network (FCN), Addington Fund and Forage Aid highlighted the pressures British farmers are under – stressing the need for increased collaboration from the charity sector – during a reception held under the banner of ‘Farming Help’ at the House of Lords, London on Tuesday 7 June.

With policy changes, high input costs, reduction of subsidies and labour shortages – in addition to many other issues farmers deal with on a day-to-day basis – the charities are working together to ensure farmers have access to support to address a wide range of issues and challenges in the months and years to come.

Farming Help is an alliance between the three national charities committed to supporting farmers and farm families in the UK. The charities, working together, can assist with the following areas:

  • Wellbeing support
  • Family relationship issues
  • Animal welfare worries
  • Feed and bedding support
  • Disaster relief
  • Financial concerns
  • Retirement
  • Housing
  • Support for new entrants
  • Support for farm workers

Since launching Farming Help has facilitated its members to work together more closely, including a joined-up approach to campaigns, personnel crossover, show presence, projects and collaborative training.

With the growing complexity of cases the charities are supporting on, and an anticipated increase in the number of farmers needing help, the Farming Help charities coordinated this reception to highlight how they can help ease the burden and support farmers through the changes ahead. 

The reception also shows solidarity with farmers and people in rural communities in Ukraine affected by the ongoing war, which has impacted global supply chains and production.

Farming Help is supported by The Prince’s Countryside Fund as a leading example of collaboration from farming support organisations.

The charities will have a joined-up presence at some agricultural shows and events including receptions at the Royal Cornwall and Royal Cheshire shows.

Dr Jude McCann, Chief Executive Officer of The Farming Community Network, and Chair of Farming Help said: “The entire world has been impacted by the war in Ukraine and our domestic farmers are facing some of the greatest challenges and changes in decades. Farming Help utilises the unique expertise of each charity, allowing us to ultimately provide a better and more efficient service to farmers.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with the other Farming Help charities to support the farming community across England and Wales. FCN, Addington Fund and Forage Aid have a long history of working closely and supporting farmers and farm families. We hope our united presence at upcoming shows and events will demonstrate our commitment to collaboration and doing what’s best for our farm communities.”

FCN provides emotional and pastoral support to the farming community and has over 400 volunteers throughout England and Wales. FCN runs a confidential national helpline (03000 111 999) open 7am-11pm every day of the year and an e-Helpline ( FCN also delivers training across England and Wales.

Bill Young, CEO of the Addington Fund, said: “We are delighted to work with other charities who share our goals as part of Farming Help. Many of the people we help are also being supported by or referred to us from other charities, especially FCN and their local volunteers. Farming Help formalises this strong working relationship between Addington Fund, Forage Aid and FCN, allowing us to take a joined-up approach to supporting our vital farmers.”

The Addington Fund helps farmers and the farming community by providing retirement homes and affordable housing for those who wish to retire or live in their chosen location and cannot afford modern day rental prices. They also provide disaster relief when inclement weather and / or certain disease outbreaks severely impact your farm. Their Farmworker Grant Scheme for active and retired farmworkers helps with any household goods that may need fixing or replacing, while their Young Entrants Scheme helps and encourages first generation talent into the farming industry.

Andrew Ward MBE, Founder of Forage Aid, said: “Current Government policies focussing on the climate and environment mean farming and producing food is undergoing significant changes now and in the future, and Farming Help will only become more important as farmers respond to these changes and adapt their businesses. Working together as part of Farming Help is vital in these challenging times.”

Forage Aid coordinates the goodwill of the agricultural community to help UK livestock farms hit by extreme weather events and certain disease outbreaks. This help is often in the form of emergency forage and / or bedding delivered to wherever it is needed.

You can contact Farming Help on 03000 111 999 (7am-11pm every day, operated by The Farming Community Network).

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