In this Q&A, FCN Devon volunteer Emily Fleur discusses her background in farming and what motivated her to volunteer with FCN.


Could you say a little bit about your background in farming? 

I’m a farmer’s daughter, brought up on my family farm in Devon. Growing up my Dad was a dairy farmer; however, my brother now runs the farm and they mainly have sheep with some beef. From the age of 8 I ran my own little poultry business. I really loved the idea of being a poultry farmer and was set on pursuing that. Life had other plans, but I still love the opportunity to be home on my parent’s farm, helping out where needed.

How did you find out about FCN? 

Young farmers is a huge part of my life and has been for the last 10 years. FCN Devon are an incredible team and make sure that all the young farmers in Devon know them and what they do.

What motivated you to join FCN as a volunteer?

Growing up I could see a real impact that farming can have on mental health and wellbeing, and it always annoyed me that nothing was being done to help. When I was 19, I had a brain haemorrhage, it was a tough time, yet the rural community supported us all. After I recovered, I wanted to do something to help others. 

Why is FCN important to you and the industry?

My job involves me going to many farms every week. I can see first-hand the issues within all farming sectors and know that more needs to be done to help. 

What would you say to others who may wish to volunteer with FCN?

Think about why you’re wanting to help and if you have enough time. There is no point being there for others if you can’t also be there for yourself. 

  • Find out more about volunteering with FCN: https://fcn.org.uk/volunteering-for-fcn/
  • Find out more about Emily’s work as a photographer: https://emilyfleurphotography.com/
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