Doing an internship with FCN has been really valuable and enhances my CV

University of Leicester student Hannah Westwood has been undertaking an internship with FCN since September 2020. Hannah has been working as a Digital Marketing Assistant, supporting our digital and social media channels. In this blog Hannah reflects on what she has learned during her time with FCN.


As my internship with The Farming Community Network comes to an end, I’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned and achieved over the course of the last 8 weeks. I’ve learned a lot from carrying out a variety of tasks, from updating website copy, to creating databases, to interviewing volunteers. The experience has been very beneficial, and has certainly cemented my interest in digital marketing and working for a charity.

In terms of digital marketing, I’ve carried out various tasks, such as updating web copy on the FCN website and FarmWell and FarmWell Wales websites to ensure that they were all correct, up-to-date and the links work. Doing this early on also helped me to learn more about farming and FCN’s mission, and I was able to use this information to support other tasks I did. I worked on a media monitoring report, and have written two blog posts for the website about why I volunteer and my top tips for remote working. One of my favourite tasks has been creating various graphics for the different FCN social media channels. This allowed me to work creatively, and think of unique ways to promote the Helpline and FCN as a charity. It is great to see what I have created being posted on the social media channels.

I’ve also learned about some of the other tasks that are needed in order to support digital marketing. I compiled several databases of media contacts, farming shows and farming publications to enable easy access to information when necessary for a particular task, such as getting a media story published. I also carried out video transcription so that subtitles could be added for accessibility reasons, and conducted some research into the farming sector in Wales. These tasks not only showed me the wide range of duties in a digital marketing role, but improved my knowledge of the agricultural industry.

I also helped with some tasks related to charity work. I compiled a list of different fundraising opportunities in different local areas and provided the information needed to apply for the various grants. This information will be passed onto the regional coordinators to allow them to apply for some of the fundraising opportunities. This was a very rewarding task, as it will be beneficial to the local FCN groups that are working to support farmers in their area. More recently, I interviewed some FCN volunteers for the Volunteer Spotlight series of articles that are published on the website. This was a really fun and interesting task. It was inspiring to talk to the volunteers and listen to their stories, because without the volunteers, FCN would not be able to provide the high level of support to those in agriculture that it does.

My experience at FCN has been really enjoyable and valuable. It has been interesting to spend some time working for a charity and see how it is run at the national level, supporting the local groups. Doing an internship is great experience for my CV, and has given me an insight into digital marketing and the charity sector. As a result of completing this internship, I know that I am definitely interested in digital marketing and working for a charity, as the experience has been very enjoyable. This experience has been especially great given the challenging times, as it has given me something to focus on and allowed me to build my experience. I’m very grateful to everyone at FCN for welcoming me to the team (albeit remotely!) and allowing me this experience!

If you are an organisation able to fund internship placements, please reach out to FCN by contacting Alex Phillimore, Marketing and Communications Manager, on We are keen to work with students and other individuals hoping to gain experience in the charity sector and to develop skills in areas such as digital marketing.

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