PRESS RELEASE: Fit For Farming – Women’s Health Made Easy

To mark International Women’s Day, the Farming Community Network (FCN) has launched a brand new booklet to help women farmers look after their wellbeing.

The booklet, titled “Fit For Farming – Women’s Health Made Easy”, is a female-friendly version of the original “Fit For Farming” booklet, which is specifically aimed at men and has proven to be a valuable resource to male farmers across the country.

Much like the men’s version of the booklet, this new booklet is full of useful advice and guidance about how women can look after their mental and physical health. However it also includes vital content about women’s health including pregnancy, gynaecological health and women’s cancers.

The booklet has been created by an FCN task group, in partnership with the Men’s Health Forum and Haynes Publishing Group. It also includes a foreword from the newly re-elected NFU President, Minette Batters.

Jude McCann, Chief Executive of FCN, said: “As the gender divide in British agriculture becomes narrower, it has always been our plan to follow up our hugely successful ‘Fit For Farming’ booklet, with something specifically for female farmers. This booklet aims to offer guidance and support to any female farmers and encourages them to think about their own wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of their farm business. It covers a variety of topics and potentially serious conditions, but it comes across as a very light-hearted booklet that is not too daunting and easy to read. We are really pleased to be launching this booklet on International Women’s Day and we would encourage all female farmers and agricultural workers to pick up a copy. We are also extremely grateful to Minette Batters for her endorsement of this booklet.”

Copies of the new booklet are available to order via the Farming Community Network’s head office. The booklet will also be available to read online through the Men’s Health Forum and FCN’s FarmWell website. Call FCN on 01788 510866 or email to order your copy.

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