Derek Mead Health Clinic at Sedgemoor market officially opened

FCN Somerset volunteers attended the official launch of the Derek Mead Health Clinic at Sedgemoor market.  Co-ordinator Suzie Wilkinson was joined by Richard Simmons, Lorna White (market chaplain) and Maureen Trott. Each was introduced to HRH Princess Anne, who was very interested in the work that the volunteers are doing in Somerset. David Wilford, Tod Merson, Richard West and Rob Hembrow, who are regular attendees at the market, joined us for the proceedings.

Somerset FCN has been part of the steering group with RABI, Somerset NHS Partnership, Bridgwater Agricultural Society, GTH auctioneers and Weston Lions.  Suzie talked to the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset about rolling out a similar clinic to other Somerset markets.

Further information about the launch is available here:

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