Yorkshire Feed Mill takes on 12 Mile Yorkshire Warrior Challenge for FCN

Farmers work long hours, often in isolation, and very often take on significant debt just to

Operate their business. In addition, they are constantly vulnerable to events and circumstances out of their control from the flash flooding that was experienced in Reeth back in July this year, to uncertainties about the future of their business as Britain prepares to leave the EU.

These events not only impact their bottom line but also their personal lives causing stress, anxiety and depression – recent research has revealed that 81% of farmers under 40 believe that mental health is now the biggest hidden problem facing farmers.

It was these challenges that prompted a group of colleagues from local feed mill W E Jameson & Son of Masham to take on the 12 Mile Yorkshire Warrior Challenge.

“What started as one person competing for a bit of fun, quickly grew to 11 members of staff taking part. We wanted to challenge ourselves to the maximum – so there was no question anyone was going to just do the 10K – it had to be the 20K course plus 40 obstacles!” said Sally Cornforth one of the main instigators. “And what better charity to support than our local Farming Community Network.

“It was a great team building opportunity for us, we ensured everyone got around and members of the team were from all parts of the business including mill, warehouse, Agri Store and Management with Chris & Graham Jameson both taking part. The bonus was we could also support the farming community that we are so closely involved in by raising money for the charity.”

Fundraising centred round events we had already in the calendar like local agricultural shows and educational farmer evenings we run which are always incredibly well supported.

In total the team raised £2000.00 which was gratefully received by Helen Benson FCN Yorkshire Coordinator who added: “W E Jameson & Son support the local community every day of the year and we are delighted they have chosen FCN as their chosen charity for this challenge.  Farmers in Yorkshire are experiencing problems beyond the normal weather and market variances and we are supporting more farmers and their families than ever before.  These funds will help us to continue this important work and the Jameson team are a welcome beacon of support. 

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