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Can we HELP you or someone you know?

Whether the issue is personal or business-related, FCN is here for you. We run a confidential, national helpline and e-helpline which is open every day of the year from 7am-11pm and our volunteers provide free, confidential, pastoral and practical support to anyone who seeks help. Over 6,000 people a year benefit from FCN's support and we can help with a variety of issues, such as:

How we help the farming community

Every year, our volunteers travel over 130,000 miles proving practical and pastoral support to the farming community. But in order for FCN to continue this vital work, we need your help.

Watch this video to learn more about why we do this work and how you can help support the work that we do.

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About The Farming Community Network

The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times. We have a network of over 400 volunteers across England and Wales, many of whom are involved in farming, or have close links with agriculture, and therefore have a great understanding of the issues farm workers and farming families regularly face.

Since 1995, we have helped thousands of people deal with a variety of issues, including financial difficulties, animal disease, mental health and family disputes. Our volunteers will "walk with" you and help you find a positive way through your problems - for as long as it is needed.

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Support our work

There are lots of great ways to raise money for FCN

As a charity, FCN relies solely on donations in order to continue its much-needed support of the farming community. Currently it costs approximately £1,500 a day to run FCN, but this is expected to rise in the coming years as British farming faces deep uncertainty about its future.

We are grateful to anyone who raises money for FCN and there are many ways that you can do this.

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Volunteer for FCN

Join our network

FCN welcomes anyone passionate about helping the farming community to join as a volunteer. There are numerous roles available, including:

  • Helpline Volunteer
  • Caseworker
  • Fundraising volunteer
  • Publicity volunteer
  • Group secretary
  • Chaplain
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